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    Originally Posted by Gars129 View Post
    My storyline

    You are a 7 year old boy and your brother, a 10 year old Pokemon Trainer, as well as many other young trainers, have dissapeared, with only his journal being found. You decide to go search for your brother without your parents and the international police's knowing. With the help of your brother's journal, the young boy pretends to be a typical trainer.

    You later discover that your brother and all the other trainers have been brainwashed into becoming part of a aboriginal movement that plans to capture a legendary Pokemon (still not invented), considered a deity among the aboriginals, that will eliminate modern society and return the region (name not created) to a simpler time without technology.
    I would just make it a cult. Aboriginals as the villains would definitely come off as racist. Also, maybe up the ages a little bit. Otherwise it's not bad.

    Originally Posted by ShadowMrk View Post
    Name: (Undecided)

    Basically, you live in some city in a new region and you have turned 18. At the age of 18, you are able to get your Tracker License which allows you to work alongside with the Police to catch criminals (essentially, you are a bounty hunter). To get missions you must goto the Wanted Criminal bulletin that is inside of the Police Station ,and these missions are randomly generated. Along with these missions, there are going to be story missions that has to do with catching a group of Pokemon poachers. Also, instead of getting your Pokemon from some Professor, you get it from your father who is also a Tracker. You get to choose from at least 10 starter Pokemon. There are NO gyms or Elite 4 because personally the whole "Become the Pokemon champion" storyline has become quite cliche`. Please critique and give suggestions.
    I like the abandonment of the gyms and elite four, but how would you make up for the level limitations? also, it would require a huge amount of scripting to completely change the game's development. Not that it's impossible, but it wouldn't be easy. I like the wanted poster idea, but how would it work wild level wise? If you choose the bounty, then you'd have to have a way to adjust the levels as you progress. Otherwise, it's be linear with the bounties being story elements, in which case how would you tie them into the plot? I'd stick with the general idea, but it's going to need some fleshing out.