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    Seriously the best team that I have ever come across is this one. It takes thought to understand it, so I can understand if the lesser minded individuals don't fully grasp the greatness of it, but I can promise you that no team you come up with can trump this. Try it out and you'll see...


    I'll admit that Poliwrath can be substituted with a stronger water type, but it is the only flaw on the team. I don't think I need to explain the first three, and the next two are the two strongest pokemon on the team, so there's not much going on that needs explaining. How are 4 and 5 the two strongest? Because Wobuffett is almost unkillable due to it's massive hp. If you give it a leftovers it will constantly regain health while it deals serious damage to it's opponent for dealing it damage. Trust me, it works amazingly if you know how to use it. Secondly, jumpluff is also nearly unstoppable. If you put it up against nearly anything it will be faster and as long as the sleep powder works on its opponents you can go straight to leech seed and then Giga or Mega drain and Hyper Beam. Try the team, it's insane. Also, make sure to teach ampharos fire punch and typhlosion thunder punch. That's about it; unbeaten and undeniable.
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