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Let's Play Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness

Part 6

I ride Robo Kyogre out to Citadark Isle and catch a glimpse of Greevil, his two bodyguards, and a ton of Peons. But it looks like I'm not getting into the compound without dealing with Navigator Abson first... with him out of the way, I make my way into the facility and thump a few crooks only to be like totally confronted by Lovrina again. And she is like so cross with me and so wants a rematch! Far be it from me to withhold it from her...

Victor vs. Lovrina

(Click spoiler for video)

With Lovrina so defeated and totally angry, I move on. I learn that the nasty waves surrounding Citadark are man-made to keep anybody not a part of Cipher off the island... too bad they didn't plan on a Robo Kyogre... In the next few areas I push boxes to stop lava flow, meet a gaggle of Cipher Peons, and add quite a few Shadow Pokemon to my collection... as well as receive several SPAM emails from Eagun. See, I said that I'd probably regret giving him my email address... not to mention having to leave the facility twice for Miror B. matches, during which I also took the time to gain a couple levels.

After dealing with a couple of toughs named Karbon and Petro, and a Peon named Gromlet with no Shadow Pokemon but some pretty high leveled Pokemon, I make it to a room with multiple cranes. After dealing with a final few Peons there, I finally reach the top of the volcano when I'm ambushed by my old purple lipstick-and-shades-wearing buddy. Seems he really wants this governor position badly. Since I don't want someone as freaky-looking as him as MY governor, I guess it's up to me to humble him once more.

Victor vs. Snattle

(click spoiler for video)

With Snattle out of the picture, I take the elevator down to the ground level, cream another Cipher thug, and head back to Gateon for healing and such. Upon my return I head to the giant dome where bodyguard Ardos is waiting for me. Looks like he means business.

Victor vs. Ardos

(click spoiler for video)

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