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    More of Minun!:

    Sheercannon Skyterror Fire?
    Armored Dragon
    Mana cost: 6
    Power: 9000
    When this creature is put into your battle zone, send one card in your mana zone to the graveyard.
    While your opponent has no shields, this creature can't attack.
    Double breaker
    "My cannons are long enough to reach inside the walls of your kingdom."

    Interesting card. Again something like this is okay with Duel Masters, but any conversion to other TCGs would instantly make this card a no-no. lol

    Tetrarazor Skyterror Fire?
    Armored Wyvern
    Mana cost: 10
    Power: 6500
    When this creature is put into the battle zone, destroy all creatures that have 5000 power or less.
    "Wow you almost cut me in half!" --Bolshack Dragon

    Very good card. I can see many ways to abuse that (mainly from bouncing. I'm still waiting for bouncing!!!!

    Crystal Samurai Water?
    Liquid People
    Mana Cost: 7
    Power: 7000
    Evolution-put on one of your Liquid People.
    When this creature is sent to the graveyard, destroy all of your opponent's creatures that have 3000 power or less.
    Double breaker
    When Samurai die, the soul of the dragon plagues the murderer.
    When Crystal Samurai die, everyone around it dies.

    As a rule of thumb, water can't kill (Forget Pogi, civilization wheel restrictions make the game much better). They can only bounce. With that said, change it to bouncing and it'll be good! I suggest to get rid of flavour text for cards with long lines of ruling text.

    Extacy Worm Dark?
    Parasite Worm
    Mana Cost: 6
    Power: 10000
    This creature can't attack players.

    hmmm. It might be borderlined in terms of power. Should be okay tho.

    Pure Frag Dark?
    Mana Cost: 5
    Destroy one of your opponent's creatures that have 3000 power or less.

    This is okay if it's dark civ. or fire. Not good for anything else.

    Sharpshoot Frag Dark?
    Mana Cost: 8
    Destroy one of your opponent's creatures.
    Send one card in your opponent's mana zone to the graveyard.

    It's either dark or fire again. Looks more dark for the first ability (fire has restrictions). Looks alright.

    Wallet Frag Dark?
    Mana Cost: 10
    Destroy one of your opponent's creatures.
    Your opponent discards his whole hand.

    Looks very dark to me. Looks okay for the most part.

    Ember Hulcus
    3 mana cost
    1 mana generator
    When you put this creature into the battle zone, you may discard a creature from your hand to destroy an opponent's creature with teh same mana cost.
    Flavor Text: They like to burn. And they like to throw what they burn too.

    Looks very borderlined. But I'm afraid for the ability to be extremely broken...You might want to increase cost to like 5 to be sure.

    For Duel Masters, PLEASE!!!!! put the civ the card belongs in!!!!!!

    Haphestus, King of Red dragons 6RR
    Legendary Creature - Dragon
    Flying, Rage 2 (When this creature is blocked, it gains +2/+2 until end of next turn)
    "My professional opinion of this dragon? Run. Like hell."
    -The Draconomicon

    I took out "red" in "red dragon" and replaced rage 1 with rage 2 (this way you can have rage 1 for +1/+1 and continue on from there, should you decide to use this mechanic in the future). You may want to decrease ost to 4RRR or something, since the dragon has legendary status. As for rulings on rage, it SHOULD be okay. No garantees. Ask KLS, he's probably better with rulings than I am.