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    heLLkitsune, KANTO, 1st entry:

    - erased the old save file which contained a NFE run (had 3 pokemon on 42 level and 3 pokemon on 24 level before the 4th gym, I was overtraining them a bit) and started a new game
    - told Prof. Oak that I'm a boy.. wait a second *checks himself in the mirror*.. Yes, I'm a boy
    - called my fictional character heLL15
    - and my journey began
    - prof. Oak stopped me from going into the tall grass and called me to his lab
    - he let me choose a Pokemon from the 3 pokeballs he had on the table
    - I wanted to take Squirtle because Blastoise is awesome, but then I remembered my goal: "To be the greatest Beedrill trainer in the world"
    - so for making my journey more of a challange I chose Bulbasaur as my starter
    - Gary (my rival) chose quite the opposite, he took Charmander a fire type, who evolves into Charizard, a Fire/Flying type Pokemon who has 2 STABs super effective against Beedrill
    - we had a battle with our new Pokemon, and sadly for me, Bulbasaur died from a critical hit (first death)
    - went to Viridian City and got into the shop, ran the errand for prof. Oak and got myself a pokedex and 5 Pokeballs
    - went into Viridian Forest to catch my Powerhouse
    - I caught the first Weedle that came across, named it Anger and it turned out to be a hell of a Weedle (yay for Adamant nature)
    - began Anger's training, first with babysitting with my Bulbasaur, then training Anger on it's own
    - soon enough, Anger evolved into a Kakuna and eventually into Beedrill
    - went west from Viridian and had a little battle with Gary and of course I won
    - got to Pewter city and challenged the 1st Gym leader Brock
    - beat him with a tactic that I was using with Butterfree in an another game, the tactic was like this: Harden six times when the Geodude hardens too, and then poison it with Poison powder, although Anger didn't have Poison powder, it took me some PP of Poison Sting to poison him and kill him, and then poison Onix and potion stall it until it dies
    - got my first badge and got running shoes
    - made my way through Mt. Moon beating every wild pokemon that appeared and every trainer that I came across
    - after some time, I got out of Mt. Moon and got to Cerulean City
    - beat Misty easily because Anger was in the mid 20 levels and it knew Twineedle
    - met Gary at the begining of the Nugget Bridge and Anger died for the first time, because it missed three times with Fury Attack and Pidgeotto didn't have a hard time killing it with Gust
    - I healed up at the Pokecentre and was going to get revenge
    - and soon enough I tasted the sweet taste of revenge
    - went to Bill and helped him turn back into a human (cmon man, what were you thinking?? )

    my team at this state of the game (I don't remember the exact level of my Beedrill and I didn't write it down, how rude of me):

    Anger the Beedrill, @ -
    Level 25-30
    Ability: Swarm

    - Bug.png Twineedle
    - Poison.png Poison Sting
    - Normal.png Fury Attack
    - Normal.png Focus Energy

    HM slaves:

    - Normal.png Cut