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Pokémon Black and White FAQ

You will be unable to play your imported game if…

I have a Nintendo DSi / 3DS! Will I be able to play my imported game?
The first thing to note is that the Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DSi XL and Nintendo 3DS are region-locked. Any DS games with DSi-only features, such as Black and White, will have a region code on them which will prevent them from working on your console.

If you import a Japanese copy of Pokémon Black, but your DSi is from America, the games will not work. The region in the game must match the region of the firmware on the console. However, the English versions of Pokémon Black and White do not have a region code set - hence, they will work in any DSi regardless of region.

What are these regions?
The regions are separated into five - Japan, North America, Europe (this includes South Africa), Oceania (Australia and New Zealand), South Korea and China. There are also DSi titles without any region encoding whatsoever. Any DSi-enhanced title will only work with a DSi or 3DS purchased in the same region, or if the title does not have a region.

Wait! I have a Nintendo DS lite!
No region code hassle applies to you whatsoever, as the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS lite were created without regions in mind.

But wait, there's more…

I can't transfer Pokémon from my English copy of Diamond to my copy of Black.
This makes things even more convoluted, huh? Basically, the languages between games must match. A UK or US English copy of Black will only communicate with English copies of Diamond, for example.

Will I be able to connect an English copy of Black to a Japanese copy of [Wii game here]?
The language lock applies here too, sadly. The game simply will not recognize the DS game.

Can Japanese and English copies of Black and White play together?
Possibly. There has traditionally never been a language lock between the Pokémon games in the same series (or generation). So, you probably won't have any trouble battling someone with an English version of White.

Victini is available in America! Why can't I download it with my Japanese copy of Black? (I remind you that this is an example.)
See above - there's a language lock associated with Mystery Gift.

[ Compiled and written by Hiroshi Sotomura ]