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I did one on Blue just now.

My goal: end the game as fast as possible and buy a Porygon at the Game Corner at the end.

I ended with:

Jessica the Blastoise lv 88

Ice Beam
Body Slam

Attack: 215
Defense: 235
Speed: 197
Special: 232

My slaves were: Sandshrew (strength), Bellsprout (cut), Drowzee (flash), Farfetch'd (Fly).

I counted 19 Pokemon center trips, 2 rests during Silph Co. Mission and one Pallet Town rest.

Game Time: 46:00
Real Time: 2:20 or so
Money (after Porygon purchase): 246,948
Pokedex: Seen 129, Own 12

I want to do a 150 Pokedex challenge using combined Red/Blue games and emulator trading but today was my first day off in a while, lol.