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    Hi, this help me heaps as I deleted my last sav file by accident
    Game (Required): Pokémon Pearl and platinum
    Player's name: JAY
    Playing time : at end of stark mountain story line
    Number of Badges: 8
    Location (this means location in game ): eterna city
    Team (Required): empoleon lv100, kricketune lv 100, staraptor lv 100
    Pokémon in box: all Legendary's at level 100
    Additional information:all key items, rival defeated so I can enlarge my secret base, all underground items (includes dolls, traps, etc), lots of level 99 spheres (also make base under eterna city) with more on floor near secret base, platinum flag.

    As you can see I'd like it to more have good underground stuff, and I prefer to have it at the end of this month, please and thank you