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    Originally Posted by YourFavorite View Post
    Feebas should totally be in instead of Magikarp (Everyone knows Feebas is better).
    If it were in the game, do you think it would be possible for it to be strong enough that I wouldn't feel like I needed to evolve it?

    I wish I could raise a Numel, but it doesn't look like it's going to win either. 3

    Oh well. I look forward to trying it when another demo comes out~
    Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately Feebas didn't make it, however, NUMEL DID :D


    The polls have closed... The votes have been counted... And the definitive list of Pokemon is completed.

    Before it's revealed, just a few notes. All the winners from the polls made it in, however I think a small few 'second-place' Pokemon didn't, and there's the odd one or two that got in regardless of having very few votes. These adjustments were made mostly due to balancing the variety of types and stuff, and slightly down to my own favouritism .

    Also, I was going to do another round of polls just to fill up the remainder of places, but it turns out I didn't have any places left to fill.

    There are 200 Pokemon in this game (not including the handful of special Pokemon I'll be including). The question marks in the list below represent legendaries I am not revealing yet.




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