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    Chapter 3

    At that moment, Mane was in the lead with two wins to zero. He had one of the legendary pokemon called Suicune on the battlefield, waiting for the next pokemon to defeat.

    Black Jack noticed that Suicune was behaving rather strangely. He also noticed that a microchip is attached to the back of Suicune. A microchip, he said, catching his acquaintances attention. That must the reason why that pokemon is acting so strangely.
    Are you really sure about that? May asked, also noticing the microchip. Are you sure that they are not robots or something?
    Ive been with pokemon more than you have, kid. That Suicune is definitely real and tough to beat. But still, dont count out my brother out yet. Hes got the same toughness that I have.

    On the battlefield, Mane had a confident look in his eyes. Johns eyes turned from determination to frustration. He took out another pokeball out of his briefcase. Haunter! he cried. I choose you!

    Haunter popped out of his pokeball and gave a battle cry.

    Suicune, return, he ordered, as Suicune returned. Perhaps I have been a bit rough on you my dear fellow. Maybe I should use a pokemon that I have less experience with. That way, youll have a bit of advantage.
    Bad move, Mane! John warned. Youre gonna regret that! Not only for choosing a pokemon youre weaker with, but also for kidnapping my wife and daughter! If you laid one finger on them, Ill
    Calm down, Johnny. Keep your focus on the game if you want to win. Saving your family would be a bonus as well, wouldnt it? Haha!

    Elsewhere, behind the audience seats, Jesse, James and Meowth were peeping out to see what was happening. Hey, Meowth said. Wheres dat Suicune?
    Has someone lost already? James asked.
    I just hate that word! Jesse complained. Whats going on now?

    Mane placed Suicunes pokeball back into the briefcase and picked out another one. John still had that frustration in his eyes. Go! Pokeball! Mane cried as he tossed out another pokeball. This time it was Zapdos!

    The shock expression appeared on everyones faces again. You have got to be kidding me! Black Jack yelled.
    Hows that an advantage!? Max cried. How can anyone beat Mane if he has Zapdos and Suicune?

    Oh look, Jesse! James said with glee. Imagine what the boss would think if we brought that pokemon to him too.
    Oooooooohhhhh! Meowth replied. I can picture it now. We would become Team Rocket executives, we would get lots a money, we would be getting a luxury house, we
    Stop imagining things, Meowth! Jesse complained. To get all that, well need to get them for the boss!
    Suddenly a Wobbuffet appeared. Wobbuffet!
    This doesnt include you! Get back inside! Jesse complained as she held out her pokeball.

    Haunter! John commanded. Night Shade attack!
    Zapdos! Mane cried. Thunder shock attack!

    Haunter shot out a dark beam while Zapdos shot out a bolt of lightning. Both attacks collided and both pokemon were pushing their limits to inflict damage against each other. Haunter began losing his strength and the Zapdos thundershock zapped him, making him dazed.

    Now Zapdos! Mane ordered. Drill Peck attack!

    Zapdos dived directly at Haunter while spinning like a whirlwind. It swooped upwards as soon as he hit Haunter, sending him flying and knocking him out. As John have noticed was floating down motionlessly from the sky he got him to return. Haunter return! he cried.

    Hmhmhm! Three down, Mane said. Three to go!

    This is the one pokemon that has never been defeated after a hundred matches! John snarled as he picked out another pokeball.

    A hundred matches, huh? Black Jack thought.
    You better get ready to release my family! John shouted. Go! Pokeball!

    John tossed out another pokeball, which turned out to be Tyranitar! Black Jack had a surprise look in his eyes. His Tyranitar looked at Johns Tyranitar and gave a loud roar to him. Johns Tyranitar looked at Black Jacks Tyranitar and roared back.

    You had an advantage until now! John shouted. Because now my Tyranitar is out and ready to smash your head in, and all of your pokemon will fail you!

    I beg to differ, Mane replied. I think you have just made your final mistake. You shouldve saved the best until last. Zapdos! Thundershock attack!

    Zapdos shot out a bolt of lightning at Tyranitar. But he dodged the attack as he leapt into the air, making the lightning attack hit the ground instead. Tyranitar leapt as high as Zapdos was flying.

    Tyranitar! John commanded. Body Slam attack!

    Tyranitar quickly grabbed Zapdos and brought down to the ground, slamming him in the process.

    How dare Johnny hurt such a beautiful bird, muttered Mane in his thoughts.

    Now Tyranitar! John cried. Finish it off with Body Slam and Earthquake attack!

    Thats our move! Black Jack said to Tyranitar. Lets see if his Tyranitars move is more damaging.

    The Tyranitar on the field lifted Zapdos up to his heads height and then slammed him on ground, almost making a hole in it. The impact was so hard that it would seriously damage an army tank if slammed on.

    Zapdos was knocked out, no longer able to battle.

    Just the same, Black Jack commented with a happy smile. At least Zapdos is knocked out.
    Looks like your brother does have a chance! Misty said.

    Johnny, Mane said. Im impressed by the strength of your Tyranitar. But strength alone isnt enough.
    Even though I hate you so much, I couldnt agree more! John replied with a frustrated tone. It also takes heart and spirit to beat the likes of you!
    I hope that Tyranitars heart and spirit is higher than his strength, Mane said has took out another pokeball. Because this pokemon I have in my hand is guaranteed to make things even more interesting!
    More coming! Reviews please!
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