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Originally Posted by INV View Post
Wow this is amazing but it sounds like a lot of work
I did notice a few grammer mistakes on the text,edtion=edition,qwests=quests
Just to let you know i'm not a grammer wh0re or something like that ^^
Thanks ^^ I know about the grammar issues, I first want to finish the complete script after that the grammar ^^

First of all I want to say... Damn not alot of reactions these days. xD
Anyhow I managed to add some new updates in DC: TLoG
The progress for alpha 1.0 goes not that fast but it progress alright.
DC now contains new features like re-battles and time/date based area changes! and alot of new and updated scripts/tiles ^^

Well lets go to the updates shall we? This time it includes 3 screen shots and the new re-battle feature based on the POKéPAPER!
enjoy ^^

Kyledove/C.N.C: Updated HG/SS bugsy gym tiles
Morris: New trion badges!
Mindfreak: Cave Battleground/date routine
Manipulation: Gym leader OW (sorry was forget that ^^")


New badges added!

Gesina's gym new fresh look! ^^


New re-battle feature based on POKéPAPER!


Thats all for today, hope you like it!