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Originally Posted by godlyk View Post
do you have to beat the elite four for the second time to make this water to dive at appear? coz I am currently working on beating them for the second time. Little harder 2nd time round when the only 2 pokemon able to stand up to them are lugia and rayquaza lol
Yes I beat them twice and I also have problem and I must take Lugia with me to, but I wasn't have ether or elixir so my lugia used final atak "strugle" :D
Originally Posted by sudloa View Post
Victini and Ho-Oh are related in ancient ruin.
If u want more hint, you may ask again.

I finished the game but I didn't use scanner.
Actually I don't know where will I bring scanner to trade with who.
Ok thanks I will start my research now xD

Originally Posted by amg16 View Post
Hey Sky

firstly awesome hack i love how you only put in pokemon you are able to catch

and now for my problem, can someone please tell me why my game freezes when i click on rayquaza? and why the staircase at artasian hill stops half way up the montain? and im also stuck with the route Z mission guy he isnt there help pwease
Try to download newest wersion tah maby game won't be freez and Guy from Route Z will be there. To go upper in the artistian hill you must solve ancient ruins puzzle and get unkown app.
To solve puzzle use Gooogle and serch Reggi trio puzzle in pokemon emerald

I have a question to user A Shian, do you know somethink about relese game from your signature?

What is the fastest way to evolve feebas?

Catch Ho-oH and Victini xD
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