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Originally Posted by dragonomega View Post

So what if they had a baby >: So did half the older people in the world and most of them ain't together u_u

Loser like me only has Finn and Rachel singing it, not holding hands or a love song. Yeah when Kurt and Blaine sing Candles or whatevs Finn+Quinn hold hands ~ :3
I'm just stating that they share a connection or something that brought them closer together and you can't deny it, even before she gave birth they still got very close. There were loads of hints, and in promos n' stuff during the start of season 2 there were loads of scenes hinting them together, but because of the last minute role of sam and his contract they had to give something for him so they dropped Puck and Quinn which was MEGA stupid.

I didn't say they held hands during Loser like me and I don't mean to say thats it's a love song, because it's not I listened to it, I mean why else sing it together? Also I said Quinn and Finn during regionals. Either way, Quinn and Finn is just stupid. (imo)

In other news, looks like Quinn wants to become the Prom Queen. xD She'll need a hubby soon though.
Also, seeing as we'll be hearing from Quinn's mother about how she was Prom Queen, it'll be interesting to see what happened a bit more into Quinn's dad cheating on her.
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