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Originally Posted by Magikarplvl.98 View Post
This is one of the best hacks I've ever scence period!
One question how did so many different gens of pokemon get to this area?
Maybe something to put in the game? Other than that great game and I hope that you don't end up ditching the project.

P.S. I not accussing you of even thinking about but I know a friend who stopped halfway through there own hack (don't ask who he isn't on pokecommunity) just good luck and stuff.
Thanks, mate :D

Seeing as Lowen is a completely new region, there isn't anything that restricts it from having more than one region's Pokemon. I can't see myself quitting in a long time.

Originally Posted by Kiekoes View Post
Wow.. Just wow. This hack is pretty awesome, I played it for a bit and the story is just great! I also love the mapping you've done! Great job, I hope there comes more!
Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying it :P

Originally Posted by Raigeki View Post
This is AWESOME! I really really like your maps, tilesets and .. well.. Your whole hack. I haven't played it yet, but I'll download it right away!
Go for it!

Originally Posted by ChaosJester083 View Post
Great hack. I have played through it already and plan on LP it. Once again great hack.
Wow, a LP already? I'd personally say that its a bit short to LP, but I'm sure that you'd be able to squeeze a few episodes out of it :)

Originally Posted by ComeOnYouSpurs View Post
Played a bit more of it, very impressive. I have a small question though; Will Snorunt (and other Pokemon with D/P specific evolutions) be able to evolve into Froslass? I know that you want to keep those details secret, so sorry if this is intrusive or anything?

Also, in the next update, will the 5th generation Pokemon be named according to their English names? I know that some (Cottonee, for instance) have Japanese names still. Not that big of a deal, just wondering.

Umm...I could have sworn there was one more thing...Oh. On your trainer card, it shows the old character from Fire Red, and not Indie. I don't know if there's anything you can do about this, but I figured I'd just let you know.

Last thing. Just found this, just a minor typo. Talk to the girl in the upper right house in Suplure City. She says..."I see Suplure City as being snobby. Does that me a snob as well?" Should be "make me a." Just a typo.

Good luck in the future, I (and many others) are looking forward to it!
I never really thought about 4th Gen (pre)evolutions, but at this point I think that having members of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th Generations are enough.

Of course I'll be anglicising their names - They either had no English names when the last Beta was released or none of the names had been confirmed.

I didn't insert the Indie trainer sprite? ;_;

Thanks again for the typos - You're pretty good at finding my horrible, horrible mistakes :P

Its been a few weeks since my last update, but I'm not dead yet. I've completed the remainder of Mt. Trope (You can see two floors in the current beta), which as you can see from the first screenshot, you will need Flash to get through it :P

Route 6 has been redesigned, so forget about the screenshot shown in my last update. You'll still be going up against your rival CJ though.

Finally, here is the tiny Cronlon Town. It has an astonishing amount of flowers and was built to work with nature, rather than fight against it. It also hold the Cronlon Dojo which makes the bond between trainer and Pokemon its number one priority. The golden bell in the centre of town also has special properties...

I've also been thinking about going over some of my earlier scripts and adding a few 'quests'. Examples would be catching a Pokemon, getting an item, delivering mail or even listening to people ramble on about Rapidash. You'd get special items in reward obviously, so it would all be worth it.

Anyway, rate or comment - Do your thing :D
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