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Originally Posted by masterquestmq View Post
If we really want advances lets work and focus in these catagories

1) More pokemon in the Pokedex (if possible adding more than the 25 allowed without replacing) this will do wonders in the hacking community it will rock our world!

2) A little more research on rom expansion, can we really use all the extra space for scripts etc?

3) the follow me script the everyone has been asking for (like pikachu in yellow)

this is all i have from the top of my head

If we can put our heads together and focus on these issues we can completely change the GBA hacking field the dynamics of it

tons of awesome hacks can be born if the issues above were tackled.

and i did hear that LinkandZelda and Zeikku returned in early Feb i guess they are still working on the lastest beta.

well thats my two cents thanks for the info guys.
1: It's been done but I forget by who

2: Long proven, I put all my scripts in the expanded part of the rom, and use the main part for tons more maps so I don't have to manually repoint them. (Since A-Map doesn't automatically put maps in expanded ROM's extra space if I remember right)

3: It can be done with ASM but nobodies done it yet... I was thinking of taking one more crack at learning ASM better, maybe after I learn how sprites are handled in ASM I'll do that, I've got the logic of it all in my head, I made one in XSE once but you had to place it on every tile to get it to work, this one would move another sprite whenever the player moving via button press routine is executed...
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