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Originally Posted by ComeOnYouSpurs View Post
Haha, well, you asked for us to comment. :P

This is another thing I noticed. (Two things, actually.) First, when I was fighting the 2nd gym, well I got crushed. But that's not the problem. Thing is, instead of returning to the Poliberg PC, I got sent all the way to Bolderville! I was devastated. :P

Then, to add to the mystery, the nurse started talking to me like she was my Mum! It even said Mum:Blah blah blah...This only happens when you black out though, so it's probably just a hitch in the system.

That being said...It's still a brilliant game. I wish there was some Iron so I could evolve Tyrogue into Hitmontop...but who's complaining? :P
Seems like I've got some more work with the scripts that run after you're defeated, eh? From the sounds of it shouldn't be hard - It seems like two values aren't cooperating in that particular one.

no hitmntop 4 u ;P

Originally Posted by ChaosJester083 View Post
I don't think that it is too short I am pretty sure that there will be definitely more than 5 episodes most likely around 10, but there is definitely a good amount of material to use. I will be cutting out any Th gen Pokémon tell the release just so I don't spoil anything for anyone. Also I found a bug when you exit the town map the image of the bag and everything around it disappears. I really like this hack so keep up the great work.
Awesome, I'm sure that you'll do a great job :)

The World Map bug was already reported in the notepad document that came with the beta.
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