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    Originally Posted by DForte View Post
    Im guessing everyone will be playing Black & White now that they are released/soon to be released. Which means all the fan made games will be slowly produced . I personally will not play the new games since I didnt like it when I played the japanese rom. I look forward to playing Pokemon Circle, SPEE, as well as all the other fan made games here in PokeCommunity as they offer a new experience. Anyway, hope to see a demo of Pokemon Circle soon. As for now, 00Vampire and everyone else, I shall see you after my wonderful Spring Break lol
    I started playing Pokemon Black earlier, and was so bored that I turned off the DS before I even reached the second town. Couldn't help but think I'd wasted my money - although I suppose I didn't give it that much of a chance.

    At the very least, it means it won't cut away from the time I'm spending making this game. So hopefully there's no reason for progress to slow down.

    Obviously I'm only speaking for myself, and I hope the release of B/W doesn't hinder the progress of some fantastic fangames here in this community, which I'm also looking forward to more than I am returning to my Pokemon Black.

    Hope you enjoy your Spring Break.

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