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I'm heading to Nacrene city right now. My team is a bit messy atm:

Oshawott Lv 15
Lillipup Lv 13
Pansear Lv 13
Munna Lv 13
Pidove Lv 8
Audino Lv 8

The last two are really only tagging along though, I haven't used them much at all.

Oshawott is probably the only pokemon there that I'll have long term. Lillipup....maybe I'll wait and see. However the rest have no hope. (Sorry Munna as soon as Solosis comes knocking you're outta here!)

Something really weird has happened to me though, The majority of the pokemon I've caught so far are Lax natured. (Munna, Pidove, Audino) My team is full of lazy bums! Even my Starter Oshawott is "Lax"! O_o
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