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Well, today has been quite busy, I guess.
Since my last Update, I've gotten to the second gym.

Not going to lie, the first gym gave me a few issues, Considering my team only consisted of my Smugleaf and Purrloin.

I've since caught a Tympole, and reached Castelia City.
Lenora wasn't so much hard as she was annoying. Watchogs have been getting the better of me so far.

Upon reaching Castelia City, I took the Liberty Pass I downloaded and headed to Liberty Garden, to catch a Victini, which I added to my team.

So my team currently consists of:-
Smugleaf (Servine) - Lv22
Sheva (Liepard) - Lv22
Jizz (Tympole) - Lv21
Vendetta (Victini) - Lv15

I'll have to train Victini some before I face the third gym.
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