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Just defeated Lenora, she wasn't too difficult to beat. I had a Timburr which helped so much. I was worried when I caught Timburr at first it wasn't making much of an impact in battles...but after leveling it up a bit it really came into it's own after learning wake up slap.

It's funny others seem to stress out about the normal type gyms but they don't usually bother me a whole lot.

I did get beaten by N outside Nacrene Gym the first time though, I wasn't really expecting it.

Current team:

Dewott (M) Lv 20
Timburr (F) Lv 21
Herdier (M) Lv 17

Herdier is a bit behind because I'm not sure whether I want to keep him around long term...

Also, Audino is a godsend. All that lovely exp just waiting to be taken. :3
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