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    Originally Posted by kringlur View Post
    Does anyone know how it could be edited so that it works with Yellow too, as-is? I'd be wiling to input all the numbers for trainers and maps etc. except I have no clue what I'd be doing...

    This would be super, super useful for Yellow even if it's never finished.

    Quick question, is Red on any map? I want to change which sprite he has, except I can't find him in the first place.

    Not sure if this is a bug or if I'm using the program wrong, but when I edit the overworld sprite image for a person (ex. the fat guy below Oak's lab that talks about how technology these days is great), if the person is one that moves, the sprite image changes every few steps to random sprites. If I change Ash's mom's sprite, hers changes correctly and never changes to another sprite, because she never moves/walks.
    Really not sure of the cause of the bug. Yellow would just be a header check upon loading the ROM, storing what game it is, and then comparing games when it comes to using addresses. If you knew exactly where everything in Yellow was in terms where Red/Blue's data was stored, adding Yellow support would take at most like 5 minutes. As for that bug, I can't figure out what would cause it (let alone recreate it). Maybe someone else could.
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