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    Originally Posted by Kaori View Post
    Which Pokémon do you see yourself having by your side? If it was an option to have one follow you around, which Generation V Pokémon would be at your side?

    Discuss, discuss, discuss!
    Wooop, 1000th thread. :D
    1000 threads? MY GOSH, Kaori. Congratulations!
    Wait...your profile only shows 72 threads! Do you mean 1000th BW thread? In any case, congrats!

    Originally Posted by Hiroshi Sotomura View Post

    Who doesn't want a pseudo-human that wears a KARATE UNFORM following them? (It's not like the feature was ever going to happen.)

    Even better, who doesn't want a pseudo-human POWA RAINJAA POKEMON following them, always accompanied by this awesome theme music playing whenever it appears?

    Originally Posted by Karpman View Post
    I'd take Daikenki, Haxorus, or Conkeldurr along with me. I guess I'm just a fan of walking with bipedal mons.
    !!!! Where did you get those sprites?! Aaaugh, now I really hope this Follow-Me/Walking Pokemon feature returns in BW's successor(s)!

    Originally Posted by Astinus View Post
    My starter Oshawott (and its evolutions), of course. Either him or my Woobat/Swoobat, because that thing is adorable.
    There's something amusing and cute about a blind Woobat or Zubat fluttering its wings yet remaining so ever loyal to the path of its Pokemon Trainer. :cer_laugh:

    Plus, who wouldn't want a cute mushroom, a jiggling cell, a seed bby, or some ice cream hopping/waddling merrily behind you with their widdle selves! :3
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