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Originally Posted by TheDoctor View Post
Only started playing my pokemon black which arrived yesterday, I'm up to pinwheel forest so far with 2 badges, I'm training my team a little bit before I go on through the forest, I also just got the Liberty Ticket

My team;

Pignite Lv21
Tympole Lv20
Pansage Lv20
Pidove Lv19
Big update since I last posted, I'm up to Driftveil City so far and have just entered the cold storage, I also caught Vicinity (couldn't remember how to spell it lol), I caught a Gothita on the way to Driftveil City and caught an Emolga in route 7 (Emolga has replaced Tranquill as my flying pokemon).


Pignite Lv29
Paplatoad Lv27
Simisage Lv28
Gothita Lv28
Emolga Lv27

I also have a Lv15 Audino that gets used occasionally when my main team faints.
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