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    So... well it gets from good to better.

    AI is improved - other trainers are harder to beat than in previous games for their levels. Downside being that if you're not very strategic (like myself) you need to grind quite a bit more. There are more frequent updates of the storyline, it's not as much running around just grinding and battling. I like how when pokemon fall asleep now their eyes shut!

    So, I beat the first gym leader - much harder than I'd thought it would be - and I'm now in Route 3. Now I'm starting to split my pokemon up between party pokemon and pokemon that I'm not particularly going to use.


    Oshawott - Ottah lvl 15 M - WATER
    Lillipup - Scotty lvl 12 M - NORMAL
    Blitzle - Zeb lvl 8 - ELECTRIC