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oh my god is she still doing this doesn't she realize advertising is against the rules and that nobody cares about her silly spriting livestream

...Yeah, well, anyway! Offtopic posts abound because there is another pocket spriter coming up, and I haven't been told off for posting here before so I see no reason to stop. And I know that at least one of you is going to notice and maybe show up, and in that case, mission accomplished.


Pocket Spriter #8: Pokemon Black and Sprite! Now with worse puns!

We return to the scene of the crime with intrepid reporterspriters Zephyr+/Involuntary Twitch and Seika! It's a grisly scene: Pokemon fans and wanna be spriters alike, sprawled in uncomfortable positions, their fingers still clenched around their Nintendo DSes where, only an hour or so ago, the sheer elation of finally being able to play Pokemon Black and White caused massive cranial hemorrhaging. It's quite a shame, really, but who cares it's time for Pocket Spriter!!!

Coinciding with the North American release date of Pokemon B/W, we bring you the latest installment of the Pocket Spriter livestream! As usual, we will be talking at great length about the do's and dont's of fakemon spriting, while entertaining viewer suggestions, answering questions, and inviting anyone who has Skype to join in! It's going to be at 5:00PM EST on Sunday, March 6th, so grab your DS and let's gooooooo!

Panels are as follows (EDIT: due to unforeseen circumstances, we will be switching the times of the panels, so Seika will be going from 5-7:30 and Twitch will be going from 7:30-happy hour.) :

Hosted by Seika: 5:00-7:30
Make it move!: We take a look at how to animate fakemon like in B/W!
Fakedex Primer: What goes into a fakedex? How do you ensure balance and diversity? We'll make several linearts and flat-colored sprites in this block!

Hosted by Twitch: 7:30-10:00 & Happy Hour
15 years of style: We look back on how Pokemon sprite style has changed over the years, and sprite something in B/W style!
Beekeeping tips: Another one of our _____ tips panels; this time, we'll bee looking at the diverse and very awesome bug type!
Sprite critique: A recurring favorite; we'll take a look at viewer submitted sprites and suggest improvements.
Happy Hour: par-tayyyyy (or go to bed early because tomorrow's Monday, after all)

As always, the link to the stream is here:! Make sure to drop by (you don't need to register for anything), and tell your friends!