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    My name is Exalts and yesterday I began my journey alongside my childhood friends Cheren and Bianca.

    It all started when a local professor, Prof. Juniper, came and dropped off a parcel at my house. We were all excited because we knew it was a Pokémon for each of us! I picked the grass-type, Snivy, and gave him a name, Tempo. Then we set out. On my way to Accumula, I captured a Purrloin and named him Marik, and then I met N.

    N was stood alongside us, as we watched a bunch of wierdos named Team Plasma make a speech about Pokémon liberation. I had to admit that their words held some truth. N spoke to me and Cheren and then we battled. I wasn't too sure as I hadn't battled a lot, except against my friends, so I was happy to win, but N didn't hang around. I was a little upset as he had seemed nice.

    Cheren told me to go and challenge the first gym. It was over in Striaton, so I made my way there. After investigating the area, a strange person offered me a Pokémon and I felt bad that the poor thing existed only to be given away, so I accepted the Panpour and named him Pendant, giving him a place in my team. With Tempo, Marik and Pendant by my side, I sailed through the first gym, defeating Chili easily, and earned the Trio Badge!

    Then I met with Fennel, Prof. Juniper's friend. She sent me to find the Pokémon Munna, so I went into the Dreamyard. Bianca was already there, but as we found the Munna, Team Plasma attacked. I managed to hold them off long enough for Munna's friend Musharna to create a dream that would scare them away. We took the Dream Mist back to Fennel and I moved on to route three.

    After a little training, Bianca and Cheren showed up. It turns out Plasma had struck again, this time stealing someone's Pokémon. Cheren and I confronted them and returned the Pokémon and then I moved on. I caught two new Pokémon: a Pidove, who I named Fawke, and a Blitzle I called Comet.

    My team kept getting stronger and stronger as I made my way through the route and finally hit Nacrene City! It was very late by then, so I checked into the Pokémon Center for the night and hit the hay.

    In the morning, after a little training, I met N at the entrance to the gym. We talked and battled, and he said maybe we could be friends, which made me happy, but he also said something about a Pokémon named Reshiram? I didn't know what he was talking about so he left, and then I went into the Gym. There was a museum in the front with a number of Pokémon fossils and even a meteorite, and the curator informed me that the gym was at the back, so I went through and found the leader, Lenora. It was a tough battle but I managed to scrape through at the end and won the Basic Badge.

    However, Team Plasma turned up again, and this time, they had the nerve to steal an ancient fossil right from under Lenora's nose! Me and Burgh, a Gym Leader from Castelia Town, chased the goons through Pinwheel Forest, eventually managing to defeat the wrong-doers and take back the precious fossil. Just as I won the battle against the group's leader, Tempo, my dear Snivy, began to glow strangely... there was a burst of light and he had grown bigger and looked stronger. He had evolved into a Servine!

    After giving the fossil back to Lenora, I moved on, heading for Castelia. Skyarrow Bridge was wonderful, giving me views I'd never seen before and ushering me through to Castelia City. It's there that I stand now, ready to view the city and preparing for battle against Burgh!

    So yeah, I bought White yesterday! :D
    I love it, it's so fun but I feel like the learning curve is really steep D:

    Highlights of my gameplay so far:
    Meeting N (I love him. Seriously.)
    My Blitzle learning Flame Charge - WOOHOO
    This one time when my Purrloin was on the verge of death, I used Assist and it picked Flame Charge and won... did I mention that this was against Lenora's second Pokémon and everyone else in my team was one hit from fainting? ;D

    I like writing in character, so I think I'll frequent the Travel Journal regularly with updates to Exalts' story!

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