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    Got my Pokémon Black today in Gamestop.
    Pokémon B/W came out on my Birthday yesterday so I feel pretty awesome about it :D

    Picked Snivy. I liked the opening battles, they livened up the monotonous first part of the game where they slowly explain what a Pokémon centre is, even though I've been playing these games for ten years >.>
    Ive just obtained my first gym badge and encountered Team Plasma in the Dreamyard. Conemplating whether Panpour worth keeping because there's other good water types in the game... o.o

    My team:

    Snivy Lvl. 13

    Panpour Lvl. 11

    Purrloin Lvl. 11

    In progress
    Water Monotype Challenge: Pokémon Diamond

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