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Originally Posted by Retribution View Post
I've just got the game today and so far have beat the first gym leader and I am looking for a Drilbur in Wellspring Cave. I have also raised my Pignite (Bacon) to level 19.

Planned Team
Emboar (Bacon)
Jellicient (Squishy)
Gothilette (Umbra)
Excadrill (Monty/Molly depending on gender)
Instead of Gothilette, I'm having the zebra because it *looks* awesome and I had no Pokemon that were strong against flying types.

Anyway, I've got to the city with the normal type gym. I caught a Drilbur, although it's female but I can work with that. i should be trying to get good-natured Pokemon but I cba. That's probably why my team keeps fainting (well, except Pignite.) The zebra and mole are pretty useless atm. Drilbur just learnt Dig, so it should be a bit better.