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    Well, I'm definitely finding myself doing a lot more grinding than I used to do in previous games. I don't know if this is maybe due to lower EXP rate, or more EXP needed for level ups, or just an absence of trainers (I think not, at least there are a lot of storyline trainers). I doubt it's any of these things really, since those things aren't really true about this game. Maybe it's because I'm spreading out my training over more pokemon because hey, I actually like this gen's pokemon and can't choose which ones to train. So I got a bigger party than normal for this part of the game.

    I'm just training at Pinwheel Forest reading myself for the gym leader at Nacrene City.


    Ottah - DEWOTT - lvl 17 - WATER
    - Razor Shell
    - Focus Energy
    - Water Gun
    - Water Sport

    Zeb - BLITZLE - lvl 16 - ELECTRIC
    - Quick Attack
    - Thunder Wave
    - Charge
    - Shock Wave

    Pidgey - PIDOVE - lvl 16 - NORMAL/FLYING
    - Gust
    - Air Cutter
    - Work Up
    - Quick Attack

    Judo - THROH - lvl 12 - FIGHTING
    - Rock Smash
    - Leer
    - Bide
    - Focus Energy