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    Excellent hack guys, I love how you remade the Johto region. Anyway I found a glitch regarding the NEW ISLAND mission part.

    After getting the CLEAR BELL and touching the pillar to be returned to the Burned Tower, using an escape rope can teleport you back to the cave entrance where you will meet Ho-oh in New Island.
    It's nothing big but I had to tell someone about it. By the way, can someone explain about the Ouka region, Team Static, Axel and the other guy? This is the first rom hack I've played so I have no idea about all of them. So keep up the good work guys, looking forward to version 3.1 Cheers!


    By the way, can you improve the look of the magnet train? Because it doesn't look like a train at all and I kinda like the GSC magnet train better. Thanks in advance!
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