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I've restarted also my Black game, I didn't like Serperior a lot.
Now I'm already in Chargestone Cave, training my 5th team member.

Pignite Lv. 34 - Rollout, Arm Thrust, Grass Knot, Heat Stamp
Stoutland Lv. 34 - Dig, Retaliate, Work Up, Crunch
Gigalith Lv. 33 - Strength, Gem Power, Rock Slide, Bulldoze
Sigilyph Lv. 34 - Synchronoise, Fly, Air Slash, Psybeam
Joltik Lv. 26 - Electroweb, Bug Bite, Volt Switch, Slash

I think my last team member will be Axew.
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