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Made it through Dragonspiral Tower last night. Loved the small cutscene. I went through Relic Castle. I then went to Opelucid City and battled Iris. Took every Pokémon in the gym out with Fraxure. Iris' Haxorus went down in one hit haha. After that i went to Route 7 and met Thundurus. And met him again on my way to Victory Road. Made it to the Elite 4 and have already started. Took Shauntal down, now that just leaves three.

My current teaam:

Zoroark (F) Lv 49
Haxorus (F) Lv 48
Unfezant (M) Lv 48
Emboar (M) Lv 49
Simipour (M) Lv 48
Watchdog (M) Lv 27

I hope all my Pokémon are up for this.