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EDIT: I didn't see the journal thread above. Mods, pleas move this.

I just got my copy of Pokémon White today, and I loved holding it. (I've been
waiting four years for a game of a new generation. Anyways, I
will be telling about the travels of my character, randomly named Mustard.

So, when I first played, I reseted four times because I wanted a female Oshawott. However, I didn't get it, so I just settled with a male one instead.

First, I battled Bianca and her Tepig. I beat her, but my Oshawott was the
second to attack- for every turn. I was wondering why my Oshawott was
slow to attack- and then I saw my Oshawott, at Level 6, has a speed of 9, a
defense of 11, with the other stats being 12.

Next, I fought Cheren and won. His Snivy was a bit harder than Bianca's
Tepig, but both were easy to beat.

I did all that beginning-of-game stuff, seeing Bianca having an argument with
her dad, getting the Pokédex, walking down Route 1, etcetera.

Next, I went to Accumula town, did all that mandatory story stuff, then I
battled N- and nearly lost. That Purrloin really scratches! However, my level
went up to 8, which is very good.

Poseidon the Oshawott
Level: 8
Max HP: 28
Attack: 16
Defense: 15
Sp. Atk: 15
Sp. Def: 14
Speed: 10 (Might need some Carbos )

When I was in Accumula Town and I went up to that house on the hill, I
wanted to jump onto the rooftops!

So, I went to Route 2 and listened to the lovely music there and then-
RING! My character's mom called me on the Xtransceiver, then
appeared, talked, then left. Typical beginning-of-game stuff. But I did get
Running Shoes, which made it worth all that talking. Finally, I was left to go onto Route 2.

When Poseidon got to Level 8, he learned Water Gun, which I had fun using.
After battling some wild Pokémon, Poseidon went up one more level. This
route, however, had TRAINERS! These trainers helped my Oshawott
gain more levels! :D Gotta love leveling up three times! I also battled Bianca and won- usual stuff.

When I got to Straiton City, I battled Cheren, but lost. Losing hurts. To ensure that I wouldn't lose
again, I battled some of the trainers near the Dreamyard. When I got to a dead end, a girl gave me a Pansear! I named him Vulcan.

Poseidon the Oshawott
Level: 13
Max HP: 39
Attack: 22
Defense: 19
Sp. Atk: 21
Sp. Def: 20
Speed: 15

Vulcan the Pansear
Level: 10
Max HP: 32
Attack: 16
Defense: 17
Sp. Atk: 16
Sp. Def: 17
Speed: 22 (This is odd... ?)