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Ah, it felt good to be out training in the open! My team just seemed to be getting stronger and stronger, especially my squidgy Tardigrade, who had needed a lot of catching up but was especially skilled in battle. Tardy used an attack called Psyshock and it was amazing! Like a mind crush!

I happened to glance at my map and remembered the bit of route four that I'd missed out because the sandstorm had been too much. It had been a while and I think I'd gotten all the sand out of my hair... and mouth.. so I decided to check it out. I took my team and we headed to the Desert Resort!

But, like all good ideas, this was a bad idea. I guess I forgot how bad that sandstorm actually was. >.>
However, there were plenty of trainers around who were willing to battle me to test my skills. While I was rooting around in the sand, finding hidden items thanks to my itemfinder, I noticed a set of stone steps... surrounded by these big grey-white things, like statues. They freaked me out because they looked alive, but weren't moving, so I ducked into the stairwell to get away from them. It turned out the stairs led to a hidden chamber, and some people were already down there. A scientist told me it was called Relic Castle, and a couple of 'psychics' said stuff about it having the remains of magic and once, long ago, being the heart of Unova for both humans and Pokémon...

Something about that reminded me of N so I left. I don't want to think about him right now... hehe♥

After a little more training in the desert, I couldn't wait to get out of there, so I headed back to Nimbasa and decided it was time. It was finally time for me to take on Elesa at the Gym. The trainers waiting in the gym were tough and after a couple of close calls, we were ready for the end, so when I finally reached Elesa's platform - those coaster tracks are FAST - I was glad of the items I had bought beforehand. I lavished potions and healants over my team and then we were ready to roll.

Unfortunately, I wasn't counting on Zebstrika being so hard to beat. And even when I managed to get him down, Elesa's constant switching between her two Emolga left me confused and my team worse for wear. After a while, I only had my squidgy Tardy and poor Pendant left. Pendant, being the Water type, wasn't keen to get out there at all, especially since Fawke, my Tranquill, had tried his luck at distracting Zebstrika so I could heal Marik, only to get knocked out himself.

I had no choice. I send out Tardigrade. My poor little Solosis, in his first real battle, against a powerful gym leader.

He used Psyshock.

It was awesome.

Three attacks later and that was it. I had won. I could barely believe it and Elesa was even worse - she had severely underestimated my little Solosis and paid the price for it. She grumpily handed over the Bolt Badge - woohoo! - and told me to meet her on route six. I healed up and obliged, following her over to the route gate, ready to see why she wanted me--

FFFF. CHEREN. What are you doing here?!

Of course he wanted a battle, right there and then. I proceeded to beat him up and take his money to buy myself some chocolate. ♥

Cheren was moody because he thinks Pokémon is about strengths and weaknesses and that he calculated everything to perfection - but Pokémon aren't statistics to be shimmied into equations. They're friends and partners, and we create bonds with them in order to reach a common goal, be it strength, companionship or even love... oh N... waitwhat. Where was I?

Elesa came along, all strutty, wondering what was taking me so long, and noticed Cheren. Instead of having a go or even ignoring him, she introduced us to a strange red-haired man watching the dancers, who introduced himself as Alder, the current Champion. He them put Cheren firmly in his place.

Cheren's jaw hit the floor. I heard it.

We proceeded to beat up two kids because Alder told us to. Man, why didn't I start my journey earlier?! This is so much fun!

Elesa called us back on track - spoilsport - and opened the bridge for us, while telling us not to underestimate the man on the other side. But what of that right now? I'm enjoying a leisurely stroll with my partners after an intense battle, across a beautiful bridge with a gorgeous view. In that moment, I felt that everything was just so, and it felt just right.

Next stop, Driftveil City! To check in to a Pokémon Center, to check out the gym and most important of all - to stalk N! WOOHOO!

Yaay! I beat Elesa!
She was tough. >.> Seriously, little Tardy was my final hope and boy did he pay off.

Key moments:
Tardy got strong ♥
Some wierdo in Relic Castle gave me a Plume Fossil but since the only Pokémon I'm going to be using are the six I have with me, I didn't think it was worth mentioning. I might revive it post game D:
I know the blue things are Daruma-mode Darmanitan but I don't want one and they'll still be there later.
Beat Elesa! Finally!
Gained access to Driftveil City!
Got to see Cheren put in his place for once!
Bought chocolate!
Didn't see N D:

I might post more later but I had to take notes for this one, since it was pretty long (I know. Notes! and I kept messing stuff up so I was trying to write with my stylus and touchscreen with my pencil) so the next one will be shorter, for sure. probably the intro to driftveil and anything that happens in the city. If I keep in character, I won't move on from Driftveil until tomorrow so I might just go grind outside of posting.

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