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What I've done from my last update...

- Finished Chargestone Cave and battled N.
- Arrived in Mistralton City, visited, then went through Route 7 and Celestial Tower.
- Skyla comes back to the gym. Pignite and Joltik evolves!
- Destroyed the gym with Galvantula and Gigalith.
- Met N again. Then went again through Route 7, this time for Twist Mountain.
- Had a battle with Cheren, then met Alder who gave me HM03 Surf.
- Went to Mistralton Cave, caught Axew.
- Fly back to Nuvema Town, long training in Routes 17 an 18. Axew evolves!
- Back to Route 7, passed through Twist Mountain (again, long, long training).
- Arrived in Icirrus City and met Grandpa Juniper.
- Crushed the 7th gym, Brycen was a piece of bread.
- After some events occurred, went through Dragonspiral Tower.
- Fought all Team Plasma grunts here, and met N and Zekrom at the top.
- Cleared Relic Castle from Team Plasma.
- Fly to Nacrene City, received the LIGHT STONE!

Off to Opelucid City!

Emboar Lv. 43 - Brick Break, Flamethrower, Assurance, Scald
Stoutland Lv. 42 - Retaliate, Surf, Crunch, Dig
Gigalith Lv. 43 - Bulldoze, Rock Slide, Strength, Stealth Rock
Sigilyph Lv. 44 - Air Slash, Fly, Psychic, Shadow Ball
Galvantula Lv. 43 - Charge Beam, Thunderbolt, X-Scissor, Slash
Fraxure Lv. 43 - Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, Poison Jab

I think i'll catch up some Rare Candies for Fraxure, I don't want to train a lot all the team!
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