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Good afternoon pokecommunity.

This is my first post, though I have been lurking the forums now for approximately a month and a half. White version is the first poke game I've played sincerely since silver on the GBC(purchased soulsiver a month ago to hold me over until white). Me and my gbc had some great times. I remember playing yellow blue or silver on the long car rides to and from the lake house as a kid.

Enough reminiscing though; This game is great. A few specific things that I like are the new camera angles (running around in Castelia makes me feel like I'm playing ff7), the fact that they combined the pokecenters and pokemarts, and the fact that team rocket is no where to be seen (this story has a new twist. Similar, but new.) I just captured victini and am very pleased with the smooth progression of the game.

I also purchased the limited edition hardcover collector's edition guide #018973, which I'll say is very smart looking. I've come across two typos so far, but other than that it is a very nice guide.

I look forward to communicating with you all further! Have a great day