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The second to last installment!

Let's Play Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness

Part 7

With Ardos defeated and regretting te fact he didn't eliminate me back when I had level 11 Pokemon and he could have easily done so, I head in to the large steel dome. Greevil addresses me and puts up a glass barrier. Heading outside again, I have a close encounter with Gorigan, who seems different... and more desperate than last time...

Victor vs. Gorigan

Click spoiler for video of battle

Having dispatched of Gorigan, I need a way in. The elevator and glass catwalk that Gorigan used to reach me will work just fine. After creaming one last Cipher Peon and snatching his Dugtrio, I interrupt Greevil once again. Now angry, he leaves me up to his other bodyguard, Eldes. The guy says some philosophical stuff about battling without meaning or something like that, then engages in battle against me.

Victor vs. Eldes

Click spoiler for videos of battle


After the battle, Eldes steps aside and tells me that. having got this far, that I should go all the way and face Greevil. But he also warns me of his boss's incredible power. Well, no use turning back now. I prepare my team for the final showdown and proceed to take the elevator to Greevil's chamber.

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