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Originally Posted by Lightning86 View Post
Hello Everyone!

Well I haven't played Pokemon in forever! lol
So I treated myself to Pokemon Black and a DSi XL

Anyway I picked Snivy as my first Pokemon and I am currently in the 2nd town(Where first Gym Leader is)

Thing is I am having a abit of trouble getting a team sorted, The only thing I have found so far are the dog things and Purrloins

Thing is when I try and level them they just get KO'd!
My Purrloin is lv 5 and my dog thing lv 4 and my Snivy is lv 12.

Anyone tell me what I can do not having much luck lvling new Pokemon as they just get KO'd and they are only 2 I can find in grass
You need to go to the right of gym on that path. and get monkey if you havent first. Then id say go in grass and evolve snivy. then use strategy of having weak pokemon first in party then right when battle starts switch to the stronger pokemon. Splits exp but it helps
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