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    Dear Diary Part One

    Hey! It's me again! Oh man so much happened today, I can't wait to tell you! Well, first things first, I got to meet an oddly colored Oshawott too! Someone I know wanted to give it to me as a gift. Of course I accepted, and now I have a little bright blue Oshawott with a pinkish shell to match my blonde Lillipup!

    We ventured onward, initiating many battles with wild Pokemon, and eventually some trainers down the line too! But let me tell you what happened before that. We encountered a gang of strangely dressed people who talked about liberating Pokemon from their trainers, with the name "Team Plasma". What a bunch of weirdos. Why free a Pokemon from it's trainer if it's truly happy there? I don't understand. They cleared out after their speech, the crowd following soon after. From the crowd stood a young man with long green hair who approached me and Cheren. He introduced himself as N, and he said something about what our Pokemon were saying. It was strange, but so interesting! Then suddenly, he challenged me to a battle!

    In no time at all my Snivy beat him horribly, and he admitted defeat, walking off saying "I never knew Pokemon would say such things..". What an odd guy. Maybe we'll meet again someday? But, for now, I got some training to do! If I meet N again someday, I don't want to give him a chance to get ahead of me! See you!!


    Dear Diary Part Two

    After a long trail through the wilderness, battling trainers and wild Pokemon to-and-fro, we made it to Striaton City! From there I searched and searched for the gym leader, eager to get my first badge! When I went inside the Trainer's School, to my surprise, stood Cheren at the black board! Of course he challenged me to a battle, and of course I arose out on the top once again. :D He told me that the gym leader had JUST left the trainer's school! I rushed off to go meet up with him or her, and saw a young man with short green hair standing in front of the gym's entrance.

    I soon found out that this is the gym leader! How amazing! He told me to go train in a place called the Dream Yard. I got directions from a town person and ran off towards it. There I battled a few more trainers, and met a docile trainer who gave me a Panpour!! Wow what a gift that is! This should make facing those fire types even easier that the gym leader apparently has. Whoever they were was sure nice. I ran off into the gym, battled all the trainers, and met the trio of gym leaders awaiting my arrival : Chili, Cress, and Cilan. I was to fight the leader named Chili, out of the three of them.

    It was plain as day that he fights with fire-types, so I was a little nervous. But I was ready with my new Panpour to take him down! And down he surely went! I got my first badge today! The Trio Badge. <33

    I'm still flaming in excitement haha! As I walked out I was met by Fennel, Prof. Juniper's college buddy that she wanted me to meet up with. She gave me the HM Cut, which I taught to my Panpour and gave me the mission to find Munna at the Dream Yard. Off I ran in a hurry! I cut down the tree blocking my path originally and made my way into the Dream Yard, from which Bianca had appeared as well. As we walked up to the front, we met the Pokemon Fennel was looking for! Munna! Then out of nowhere, Team Plasma showed up and tried to seize it for their evil plans! Attacking and hurting it! Grrr, my blood was boiling. No way was I gonna let them hurt that poor Pokemon!

    A battle was initiated and I won without breaking a sweat. Their leader showed up in some strange kind of illusion and they ran off scared. Out from the shadows approached a bigger form of Munna, and Fennel came up behind us. We found that the Pokemon was named Musharna, and that Fennel was looking for these Pokemon for their Dream Smoke abilities. We went back to her lab with Bianca staying behind, and I found out what the Dream Smoke does, and I received the C-Gear from Fennel! Wow, what an awesome device! I can't wait to use it myself. <3

    So, as you can see, a lot happened! I'm already psyched up to go face the second gym leader and get my next badge! That's sure to be a crazy day too!

    I better let my Pokemon get some rest now. Until later!