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(Well, since everyone else is going at it)

Dear Journal...

It's only been a few hours since I wrote, but lord knows a lot has happened. Not only have I beat Clay and gotten my badge, but I did a little grinding off in the thunder tunnel. Dwebble, Blitzle, and Tranquil ALL evolved! My team now consists of a Crustle, Zebstrika, Samurott, Unfezent, Gurdurr and Simisear! It's a little scattered, but they haven't failed me yet. Heh, funny how I only expected Dwebble to help me with Elesa, and he ended up getting to be one of my strongest team mates.

In the tunnel I met up with N again. Dudes a little random, never the same team whenever I meet him. I beat him of course, and made it out of the tunnel and into Mistralton City. Apparently these guys like Flying types, I hope Zebstrika is up to the chance...

Well, I'm off to the tower to meet the Gym leader or something of the like. Wonder what it'll be like...