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    Finally got my White! (It should've come already on Friday...)
    So here's what I've done at the time when I was at the school (played between lessons if someone thinks something other xD):

    - Chose male and named myself Late as always
    - Picked up Snivy and won both Cheren and Bianca
    - Visited Professor Juniper and got Pokédex
    - Still missing button to jump over "How to catch a Pokémon" section (you didn't need to watch them in older games)
    - Caught Lillipup (Lv4) and Patrat (Lv2)
    - Went to Pokécenter
    - Heard what Ghetsis had to say and won N's Choroneko (still can't remember it's english name)
    - Caught Choroneko and "killed" some trainers
    - At the gym, gonna play more soon

    As you probably noticed, I caught everything I saw as I'm one of these guys who actually are gonna fill whole Pokédex. That's the meaning of the game for me. Gonna train my Pokémon and put it on PC after it's evolved (others than Snivy). I don't care about Nature, IV, EV or other things like those, as I'm not actually that competitive and can still get through the game with low-leveled (becuase of only evolving my Pokémon and then put them to PC) Pokémon. Gonna think other things after game is completed.

    Please feed my Pokémon and warm my eggs.
    Thanks for everyone who have clicked these, you've helped me a lot

    Anyone has Club Nintendo codes that you don't need? I want those.
    If you have one code for me I can trade you my Explorers of Sky code as I can't put it because I have registered already one. (Registered my brother's game and now I can't register mine...) Someone have same thing? PM me.
    I know there's nobody who wishes to do this xD
    I'm talking about Club Nintendo of Europe.