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    Originally Posted by Nugg View Post
    I need advice on what the best level to evolve Cottonnee would be I don't really care about the last move (Solarbeam). I just want a moveset that isn't horrible. I suppose I could try to get my hands on some TMs if needed.

    Right now i'm thinking of evolving it at lv 26 when it learns giga drain. then teach it energy ball, shadow ball an u-turn. :/
    If i was you, for Cottonee I'd train it to 37, if possible. For the move Cotton Guard.

    But with Whimsicott,
    - Energy Ball
    -Shadow Ball would cool for it, I'd do it ha
    -Cotton Guard/Light Screen For defense
    -Anything you want, Maybe Hurricane at 46?
    if there's an item that helps accuracy it'd be perfect for hurricane

    Hope that helps