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Originally Posted by Meduza View Post
So far, I have my fifth Gym Badge and I'm feeling pretty good about the Pokemon White.

But ONE thing is bugging me. Evoloution stones.

I know I can't transfer any from my Gen. 5 games. I'm not sure if I can get them in White Forest, but I know I can in Black City ( I'm going to buy Black soon)

Using Entralink, Can I keep iuncreasing the population of my forest/city with just my Pokemon White and Black version or will I need to interact with diferent people to get different residents?
They're really, really, really easy to find - I've found loads everywhere, another thing you can do is use the Dowsing machine, I used it and found a leaf stone yesterday.

Serebii has a page on where to find most items so just take a look;

If you want to evolve one of the monkeys, there is a man in the first port of castelia city that will ask you which one you want to evolve and give you the stone. (it doesn't have to be for the monkeys though)
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