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    Originally Posted by RYOUKI View Post
    Okay, here's what happened:

    -Challenge the Castelia City Gym, but they were specializing in Bug-types, I decided to catch a Darumaka.
    -Darumaka pwned Arti.
    -Wandered forever in the desert just to take Archen.
    -Archen kinda sucks right now. After he hits the yellow line, he's pretty much useless.
    -Went to uh, Nimbasa City.
    -Elesa is tough.
    -Er, no. Elesa's Emolga is tough. Her Zebstrika went down in, I dunno, 2-3 moves?
    -To beat Elesa's Emolga, decided to catch a Sandile.
    -It worked! Her Emolga kept abusing Aerial Ace, so I decided to torment.
    -The battle was long, she kept healing her FIRST Emolga. Rock Tomb only has 10 PP, you know?
    -Sandile went down, but it's speed was down because of the effect of Rock Tomb, so Archen Ancient Powered her.
    -Second Emolga got Ancient Powered too. Yeah, I dunno why it's suddenly not annoying and weak.
    -Elesa's real Pokemon was Emolga. Zebstika was weeeeeak.
    -Off to Driftveil City.
    -I thought Clay's name was... Clayton?

    Pokemon team so far:
    Servine, Solosis, Archen, Panpour, (Darumaka), (Sandile).

    Pokemon in the parenthesis, I don't plan on using.
    The last update I has was when reaching Driftveil City? Seriously?

    Okay, so well, beaten Clayton and boy, was he weak. But his Gym is so cool, just confusing. I kept going up and down, up and down.

    Well, anyways, after I beated Clayton I went and got to Chargestone Cave. That was so cool. Floating rocks, wtf! Anyways, met Prof. Juniper and Bianca, lah-dee-dah, got 3 ninjas to escort me to N, and, yeah, I don't know why but I can't pay attention to what N was saying, but beaten the crap out of him, so went to Mistralton City and first thing on my mind was find a Litwick. Litwicks are so cool. 8D Anyways, going to the top of Celestial Tower.

    Highlights of my day: Arceos evolving, and Litwick. 8D
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