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    Dear Diary

    Today was amazing! I got my second badge from the gym leader named Lenora in Necrene City! Gosh her gym's puzzle was hard to get through. I gotta say, Team Plasma is starting to become annoying. They say their cause is good but they are stealing unwilling Pokemon from trainers! They aren't even so much as asking the Pokemon if they want to leave! How horrible can you be? Good thing me, Bianca, and Cheren are always where they are to help out the trainers and Pokemon they hurt!

    Something else marvelous happened too! Enveloped by a bright white light in mid-battle against Plasma goons, both my Oshawott and my Lillipup evolved!! I now have a beautiful and powerful Dewott and a gold and silver Herdier! Thanks to them, the battle against Lenora was a cake walk!

    But I gotta run cause Lenora's museum is in trouble! Team Plasma again no doubt.

    I'll get back to documenting my journey later! See ya!!