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Hey guys. Sorry I haven't been on in a while.
I've been busy with college and working on my new house.
And I'll probably eat up the rest of my time with White version.
If you need anything from me, just send me a PM.

Anime 312
All I feel like saying is how scary and hilarious Yoruichi's influence on Soifon is. xD

Who has the best style in Bleach? (Combat, Fashion, whichever kind of style you feel like judging.)

I think Hisagi has a pretty cool fighting style. Good mix of melee/zanjutsu and kido.
I think Byakyua has the flashiest style, though. xD

I think Shinji has a pretty good fashion sense.
He looks sharp in just about any of his outfits.

I think either Kyoraku or Starrk have the coolest hair style.
Can't quit decide which I like better. :p

Unohana has the greatest leadership style...
Listen to what I say or *smiling death glare*