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    Originally Posted by Smile!
    For once, I agree with you. 8D Unohana wins. Especially her deathglare, but also her smiles. And the calm tone that spells danger. ^.^
    XD Exactly
    I don't seem to remember you to disagree with me though.
    Not agreeing isn't always the same a disagreeing.

    "Captain Omaeda".... "
    If I was drinking anything when I started ep 312 it would have ended up on my screen.
    Well, it can't get much worse then a ep with Omaeda as a "Hero". Unless they add Don Kanonji or something.

    Originally Posted by Zam
    All I feel like saying is how scary and hilarious Yoruichi's influence on Soifon is.
    I do agree with this. XD

    O yeah I almost forgot:ō
    In one of the older topic someone asked about the shinigami academy and zanpakuto's. This page has some info on it.
    Actually, it has several interesting things. Like, did you know that kenpachi's sword is currently in a constant state of Shi Kai?
    And as a side dish:
    Apparently, based on this, the term Reiatsu isn't always correct.
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