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    Departing from Mistralton City, I headed in the direction of Twist Mountain. At the base of the stairway, who should turn up for a completely random and pointless battle but Cheren? I easily beat him up and he turned all angsty from not being strong enough, but it just proved that what N had told me was true. I was about to turn away and leave him when Stalker of the Century, Alder, jumped down from a cliff face (WTF?) and told him to lighten up, then gave us both HM Surf and left. Uh... what? Cheren stormed off into the mountain and left me be. How pointless.

    As soon as I stepped through the doorway, Cheren was waiting for me - oh please, not again, Cheren - and so was Big Chief Lazy Bum, Clay. What was he doing here? Turns out he had heard about Team Plasma being here, too, and was checking it out but hadn't found anything, so it was up to two children to do the work for him. He really is lazy. ._.

    Twist Mountain was tough. I wasn't used to the rocky terrain and the internal maze meant I made slow progress. There were plenty of trainers hidden behind rocks and stuff, jumping out and shouting a heart-attack inducing slogan at me before sicking their Pokémon on me. Damn. These guys need to find a better hobby.

    If you can't tell by now, at this point I was getting tired. I had travelled so far today already, and although the mountain posed a challenge, I didn't want to spend a second night in Mistralton since I had already seen everything it had to offer. I was ready to sleep as it was, so perhaps taking on the challenge so late was a mistake. One good thing came about, however; during a tough battle with a trainer's Sawk, my dear Tempo shone brightly and stretched out, becoming an elegant and majestic Serperior! He was beautiful! I gave him a huge hug and we beat the poop out of that Sawk.

    Right at the end of the tunnels, as I was ready to collapse from exhaustion, I saw a couple of Team Plasma goons. I wasn't ready to battle them, but thankfully, Cheren had done it for me. Wow. He actually beat up some bad guys instead of stopping me from doing so, like everyone else seems to. Then he pointed out how hypocritical they were and told them to release their Pokémon. I was about to chime in when one of them mentioned they'd found what they were looking for for their lord N.

    waitwhat. They found one of the special Stones? They had already moved on and started talking about taking the world over by force - which completely contradicted what N had said about not wanting to use force. I tried to get more information but they fled and I was too tired to go after them. And as soon as I left the cave, who should be there but Prof. Idiot Senior. I politely pointed out that a couple of bad guys had JUST run this way and why couldn't he have stopped them, but he just said something about a tower and a dragon and disappeared. Good job, Professor. I can see why you're seen as an intellectual.

    Something he said stuck out, though. He mentioned that the tower north of the city just ahead, Icirrus City, was known as Dragonspire Tower. It reminded me of what N had said before... about the legend of a Dragon who helped the mythical Hero seek the truth, and created the region of Unova. When the region was complete, the Dragon fell into a deep slumber in Dragonspire Tower, and left the Light Stone as it's earthly remains, awaiting the touch of the Hero to awaken it and to seek the truth once more.

    The name of the Dragon was Reshiram. And if Team Plasma were telling the truth, and they'd found the Light Stone, that meant N was going to take the place of the Hero and use the Dragon slumbering in Dragonspire Tower to create his dream of a separated world.

    N... I really hope you know just what you're doing...

    Thus, Twist Mountain is over and next up, challenging Brycen and possibly heading to Dragonspire Tower.

    I'm scareded D:

    Key Moments:
    Receiving 'Surf'
    Tempo evolving into a Serperior (SO PRETTY♥)
    Reached Icirrus City
    Learned exactly what N was intending...

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