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Challenge FAQ and Help Thread

Welcome to the Challenge FAQ! Now, what's the reason for this, you ask? Well, I get a lot of people asking me different questions about challenges a bit. And I also see a lot of challenges sent in for approval that just...aren't up to par, and very disorganized. What I'm hoping to accomplish with this thread is the birth of potentially great challenges, more challengers, and a much cleaner forum to read through, for both myself and members.


Q: What is a challenge exactly?
A: A challenge is just a playthrough of your Pokemon game with varying restrictions and rules, such as playing through with one type of Pokemon, using random Pokemon that are assigned to you, or one Pokemon.

Q: How do I enter one?
A: Just check the thread of the challenge you'd like to enter. Make sure you understand the rules and use the correct format that the challenger would like you to use and that's all there is to it! Oh, and you know, playing the game...that's important.

Q: How do I make a challenge?
A: I'll explain the proper and preferred method in a later post.

Q: I submitted a challenge, but it's not showing up! What happened?
A: If you've made a thread for a new challenge, either the moderator hasn't gotten to approve it yet, or, in most cases, the thread doesn't comply with the rules of the section. Make sure you understand all of the Challenge forum's rules before sending in a challenge for approval. If your challenge is unapproved though, it will show up in the Unapproved Challenges thread, and explain why it was not approved. If 24 hours since you posted the thread have passed and the thread is not up or mentioned in Unapproved Challenges, please contact the moderator of the section. Please keep in mind that when I'm online, I'm not constantly hovering over this forum. Sometimes I'm not really online and PC is lying to you.

Q: What if someone is breaking the rules of my challenge?
A: They can be taken out of the challenge if you so wish, if it's bad enough. But if someone is being defiant in a challenge thread, please report it and the moderator will handle it accordingly.

Q: How long has this section been here? I've seen some old challenge threads in the x forum.
A: This forum has been here since June 2010, so it's possible you might find an old challenge thread lying around in another forum that didn't get moved. Please don't post in those though, or report them. They're technically in the right section, since they probably weren't active enough to make the move to the Challenge forum when it was made.

Q: What does CI&D mean and what is it for?
A: CI&D stand for Challenge Ideas and Discussion. It's basically the DCC of the challenge forum. In that thread, you can discuss new challenge ideas, your progress on a challenge, get advice for a challenge you're currently doing, etc. Just make sure you don't get too off topic!

Q: Where are the rules for this section?
A: Probably under this thread...or you can just click here...

Q: Who is/was the moderator of this forum?
A: The first moderator of the Challenge forum is the beautiful, wonderful, handsome, egotistical Jak. The second and current moderator is the badass, manly, bearded, hardcore, awesome Necrum. Contact him for any questions!

Q: How often do events occur in this section? Will there be emblems for them?
A: They will be decided upon by the moderator. Emblems must be earned, none of that "joining just for the emblem" mess! Also, if you have an idea for an event, feel free to PM the moderator.

Q: What are the most popular challenges?
A: Monotype, Nuzlocke, and Solo seem to be the most popular.

Q: Where is the Challenge IRC Channel?
A: It's called #swablunest and you can access it by clicking here!

Q: This thread owner is inactive. Can I take over the challenge?
A: You may! But first, you need to try to contact the current owner of the challenge and see if they will give up ownership. If they don't reply within three days, let me know. From there on, you can choose to take over the current thread (I'll help you with that if you choose this option) or I can lock the current one and you can start a new thread from scratch.

Q: Any more questions?
A: Shouldn't I be asking you that? But really, if you have any more questions, just contact Necrum.
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