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I don't know if this is just something I'm experiencing, or if it's a wide spread issue, But is any one else having these issues while playing Black and/or White?

1. I just received a brand new battery for my DS lite, let it charge all night long. When I started playing, I had the back-light set to low, the sound off and never turned on the c-gear, after less than an hour my battery was in the red, same with the used battery in my other DS lite.

2. The DS becoming unusually warm around the battery compartment, speakers, and where the stylist goes while playing.

3. closing the DS (sleep mode) and when I reopen it the system turns off (this only happened twice (so far), I may have hit the power switch when I reopened it the first time, the second time it happened the DS was open on the charger and just turned off).

4. Fully charged battery, I start the game and turn on the C-Gear, within 5-10 minuets, My battery is in the red.

I've gone back and played on my Diamond, Pearl, and Soul Silver games, and did not have any issues on either of my systems, these have only happened on Black and white, I'm assuming that since the game is meant for the 3DS, that perhaps it's just causing my DSlite to over work, thus causing the issue(s).

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